Amongst others, a hotel (160 hotel rooms), a brasserie and a conference centre with 16 meeting rooms are situated in our picturesque, over 900 year old, abbey. Thanks to the unique atmosphere, the peace and the charisma of the monumental complex, business people and individuals gather at Rolduc abbey for a meeting, an informal party or a relaxed short stay. At the moment, Rolduc abbey is busy changing it’s culture by providing the ultimate ‘abbey experience’ to its guests. Hospitality is of utmost importance.

At the moment, we don’t have any vacancies available, but within our organisation there are often vacancies available for waiting staff, kitchen staff and housekeeping, also for the weekends. The alternating job activities and the very flexible working hours ask for employees with sufficient flexibilities who are also willing to work during weekends and holidays.

If you are interested you are welcome to send an application via email to: m.habets@rolduc.com.